Property News

  • Gold Coast Property Sales Grow

    The past quarter saw the Gold Coast property market post the highest numbers of house sales in more than 12 months, according to the latest REIQ data. The preliminary numbers of sales over the March quarter was up 18 per cent compared with the December quarter last year. There were solid increases in activity in [...]

  • Population Growth Effect on House Prices

    With the release of the latest building approvals data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics this week for April 2012 we are seeing no signs of improvement for the home building sector.  The lack of activity has a significant multiplier effect across the economy; not only is it those linked directly to the construction sector [...]

  • Australian Interest Rates To Collapse?

    Westpac’s most senior economist expects the official interest rate set by the Reserve Bank will fall to its lowest level on record by the end of the year, as global woes and falling consumer confidence stalls the economy. The official rate would drop as low as 2.75 per cent in four steps by Christmas and [...]

  • Small Bounce In Sales

    New home sales mounted a partial recovery in April following a very weak end to the first quarter of 2012, said the Housing Industry Association, the voice of Australia’s residential building industry. HIA Chief Economist, Dr Harley Dale said an April lift in new home sales of both detached houses and multi-units was an imperative [...]

  • Boom Times Ahead

    Glass half full…or half empty? What type of person are you? We are experiencing one of the worst excesses of the media in many decades, even though what they are doing is understandable, as they want to sell their newspapers and programs. And fear is what sells. Of courses we are talking about the financial [...]

  • China buys BIG on Gold Coast

    China’s mega-rich have begun putting their bets down on the Gold Coast, investing millions of dollars in development sites up and down the Glitter Strip. And it’s a well-calculated punt – with the local property market at rock bottom and a looming influx of at least 500,000 cashed-up tourists from China expected to fly directly [...]

  • Changes set to make QLD buying easier

    The new Queensland Premier Campbell Newman has taken the first steps to reduce real estate red tape – including scrapping the much-maligned sustainability declaration forms, and reinstating transfer duty (stamp duty) concessions from 1 July 2012. The transfer duty concession will apply, from 1 July, to all Queenslanders who buy a home that is their [...]

  • Australian Property Market Forecast

    By the end of this article, you will discover I have made a prediction which is the exact opposite of what most people believe. You’ll also discover why I am happy to put my prediction in writing so that you can verify my claim in the future. Let’s check out what determines property price movements. [...]

  • Fewer Moving to Gold Coast

    A population slump with fewer seachangers heading to the Gold Coast is predicted to hit the city’s economy hard. The city recorded its lowest population increase in five years between 2009-2010 with only 12,943 people moving to the Coast in the 12-month period. The average for previous years was around 16,000 people and business leaders [...]

  • New Prices at Ciel, Rainbow Bay

    Grandstand views of Quiksilver Pro 2011, Snapper Rocks, Gold Coast Residents at Ciel Rainbow Bay will be the envy of the world over upcoming weeks as they take to their balconies with family and friends to enjoy private grandstand views of pro surfers carving the waves at the Quiksilver and Roxy Pro. Only three balconies [...]


  • Easter in recent years has been the tail of the Gold Coast property market until we approach Christmas. This year there has been more interest than in the past 3 years, Does this mean the market has bottomed out officially? Finally? It’s too early to tell, but things have improved. Definitely. A lot of stock [...]

  • There’s been a slight pick up in activity on the southern end of the Gold Coast’s property market with more viewings occurring over the Christmas period. “Traditionally Christmas has been a good time to sell with the influx of tourism – and this season has been no different,” Chris Manning of Borders Realty said, “although [...]

  • REAL estate expert Chris Gray gives his tips on how to climb the property ladder. Property and renovations can be for anyone, it all comes down to your goals and dreams and how much you want them. When you’re starting out and have limited financials it is tough but the sooner you get on the [...]

  • A two-tiered residential property market will develop in Australia in the coming years, according to a leading economic forecaster. A study by BIS Shrapnel has found that property market conditions are likely to improve in New South Wales and the resource-rich states of Western Australia, Queensland and Northern Territory. Conditions will be less favourable for [...]